Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault CRISIS HOTLINE -  423.755.2700 - Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, completely confidential 


If you are in an abusive relationship, browsing our website from your home computer can be dangerous if your abuser(s) monitor your internet activity (or if you suspect they do). For your safety, we recommend that you visit our website from a safe, preferably public, computer. Click the escape button above any time you need to immediately go to another web page.

The Partnership’s Family Violence Center provides immediate shelter to individuals and their children who are victims of family violence. The Family Violence Center offers support to individuals by providing a safe environment. The location of the shelter is confidential. The shelter’s living quarters consist of dormitory style rooms with a communal kitchen, bathroom and living room. The Family Violence Center understands that the victim cannot bring all personal items with them so food, personal items, and linens are provided. The staff also recognizes and attends to the physical, emotional and educational needs of the children involved. Family Violence Center staff work diligently to educate the general public, law enforcement, and all organizations about family violence issues and encourages their support.

Clients can stay in the shelter up to 90 days or until other housing has been located. A five-day assessment will determine the best way to meet the clients needs and will assist with the emotional and practical issues specific to domestic violence including leaving the abusive relationship. Case managers work with the clients and make referrals to community resources including transportation assistance.

Counseling is available to anyone who has experienced domestic violence and does not require the individual to be a resident of the shelter. A Domestic Violence Support Group for non-residents is held every Thursday from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. at 300 E. 8th Street. Call (423) 755-2822 for more information and to sign up.

Do you or someone you know need help? Call the Crisis Hotline:

  • 423-755-2700
  • 24-hour support

Preparing to Leave

  • Create a plan to safely leave
  • Leave items of importance with a trusted person
  • Keep shelter and hotline number near
  • Call 911 in case of emergency
  • Keep change/ calling card /cell phone for emergency phone calls
  • Report abuse
  • Talk with trusted a individual

Top 10 Signs of Domestic Violence.
Does your partner...

  • Make you feel worthless?
  • Hurt you physically?
  • Isolate you from loved ones?
  • Control your access to money?
  • Accuse you of cheating?
  • Intimidate/threaten you or your loved ones?
  • Pressure you into unwanted sex?
  • Threaten to hurt themselves if they don't get what they want?
  • Control what you do and who you see?
  • Stalk you, including calling/texting constantly or following you?

    Common Reasons Some Stay in an Abusive Relationship:

    • Guilt
    • Fear
    • Threats of harm/danger
    • Lack of income
    • Lack of employment
    • Lack of place to live
    • “For the sake of the children”

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