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RSVP Program

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program’s mission is to assist volunteers age 55 and over find meaningful volunteer opportunities in which they can share their experience, abilities and skills for the betterment of their community and themselves.  It is specially designed to provide a variety of opportunities to meet your interests and time.  You decide how much time to give, where you want to serve and the type of work you do.

The History of RSVP
Established in 1971 and now one of the largest senior volunteer organizations in the nation, RSVP engages more than 296,000 people age 55 and older in a diverse range of volunteer activities.  RSVP is one of the largest volunteer efforts in the nation.

Some of the benefits of becoming an RSVP volunteer are:

  • Supplemental Insurance - free accident and liability insurance while volunteering
  • Travel Reimbursement - available on a limited basis to volunteers who qualify
  • Recognition - events and award ceremonies, radio spotlights of outstanding volunteers
  • Make new friends and learn new things about the community 
  • Newsletters and invitations to special events and social activities are offered throughout the year

To find out more about Partnership's Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) Chattanooga, please call (423) 755.2726, or email Mariko Tinaya at [email protected] or click HERE.