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Generations Stronger

A no-cost program of Partnership, Generations Stronger provides Life Coaches in neighborhoods to empower parents and families to develop social and economic independence through goal-setting and attainment.

Goal-setting is key to obtaining stability. Goals may include employment, education, financial, housing, health, family or social networks.

By building stability within families, we strengthen community. Generations Stronger is a grant-funded program administered through Partnership for Families, Children and Adults, Helen Ross McNabb Center, and the United Way of Greater Chattanooga.


•Generations Stronger is a 2-generation program, which requires that participants are a parent or guardian of children under 18 (or 18 and in high school).

•This program requires that participants desire a better future for themselves and/or their families and are actively participating in achieving their goals.

•If clients currently do not have custody of their children, but are actively pursuing custody, they are eligible to join Generations Stronger.

Clients must fall under the TANF financial eligibility requirements. These will be discussed with United Way’s 211 hotline staff and confirmed with the  Generations Stronger Program Manager when scheduling program intake. 

Is there a cost?
•Thanks to grant funding, there is no cost to participants. 

How do clients join the program?

•Clients are referred to the Generations Stronger program from the United Way's 211 Call Center and other agencies. 

•The Generations Stronger Program Manager will call each referral to schedule an intake assessment, which is completed at the Generations Stronger site.

•To begin the enrollment process yourself, contact the United Way's 211 Call Center.

How often do Life Coaches evaluate client need for services?

Life Coaches meet in-person with clients monthly to evaluate goal progress and needs. Additionally, Life Coaches and Clients remain in touch weekly via text, call, email, or in-person communication.

Cases are reviewed quarterly with the Generations Stronger team & the client participates in a self-evaluation every 6 months. 

What services does Generations Stronger provide?

Generations Stronger provide a variety of training & services to the clients unique to their own desired goals set up with their Life Coach.

•The program’s Education and Employment Coordinator provides resume writing & interview skills training, job search assistance, and continued support in new employment. 

•The program’s Housing Coordinator provides education and assistance to clients in locating permanent stable housing, ensuring that those applying for public housing have all documentation and eligibility forms completed correctly and submitted in a timely fashion to Chattanooga Housing Authority, assist in locating housing opportunities, support with rental agreement concerns, and referrals to Legal Aid for tenant rights concerns. Additionally, the Housing Coordinator is available for continued support during the start of a client’s new lease period. 

Life Coaches build relationships with clients, develop and track clients’ personalized SMART Goals, and refer out for financial education, and additional services we are unable to provide on-site. Financial assistance is available in the case of unexpected crises. Each time a Life Coach meets with a client, the goal is to use client-focused questions to facilitate improvement in decision-making & problem-solving skills. 

•Generations Stronger does not provide emergency shelter & staff are not licensed clinicians. Referrals to appropriate local agencies are made for services Life Coaches are not able to provide, including health care, mental health care, shelter programs, and parenting courses.

This project is funded under a Grant Contract with the State of Tennessee.

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