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Family Connections

Center for Family Connections (CFC) vision is to provide a respectful environment and access to resources that fosters healthy and safe parenting opportunities.

Services include:
Supervised Visitation-  A warm and safe environment for children to visit non-custodial parents or other relatives who may be dealing with issues of domestic violence, mental illness or substance abuse. Supervised visitation may be court ordered or self-referred.

Safe Exchange- We facilitate the safe transition of children from one parent to the other parent when there is high parental conflict. We coordinate separate arrival/departure times, using two entrances, with on-site security presence allowing parents to exchange a child with peace of mind that everyone is safe.

Mediation- We offer affordable mediation services assisting families going through divorce with a professional neutral mediator to assist in resolving conflict, developing parenting plans, custody and divorce agreements.

6-week Nurturing Parenting Class- This class empowers parents with new knowledge, beliefs, strategies and skills to make good, healthy lifestyle and parenting choices.

Children in Divorce/Separation Mandated 4-hour Parenting Plan Workshop- Learn how to help your children to minimize or eliminate trauma, and adjust to changes that occur during and after divorce or separation. This is for parents considering divorce, already divorced, or never married. (required by TN Parenting Plan law)

Visit the Center for Family Connections website  here or call call (423) 697-3791.

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