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Family Connections Supervised Visitation Center

When domestic violence occurs, there is no question that the children are being harmed. Not all are harmed physically, but every child is affected emotionally. Many children have experienced trauma from domestic violence in the home and find themselves in the middle of adult issues.

When parents divorce or separate, visits with the children may become problematic especially when there are safety and/or abuse issues. Partnership’s Family Connections Supervised Visitation Center helps families go through difficult or transitional times while providing a safe way for children to spend time with the non-custodial parent without being put in the middle of conflict.

Family Connections provides supervised visitation for children to visit with the non-custodial parent in a safe, home-like environment with the mission of fostering safe, healthy parenting opportunities.

“Family Connections has been a wonderful experience for my child. It has given him the opportunity to see his other parent in a safe environment. I like the safety measures they practice, taking no chances for my child and me. My child deserves a place that is for him and his needs & that's what's provided. When I drop my child off for his visit, I have a peace of mind that he's going to be safe & is in a safe environment while getting some positive time with the other parent. I appreciate that this place has been established. Family Connections is highly needed and I'm glad that with the work, finances & help of many people pulling together, it is here. Thank you.”

Talk to friends, family and co-workers about Family Connections. Many may not be aware of this program or fully understand the depth of these issues and how important this service is to our community. Spread the word to people you know!

For more information on our Family Connections program, call (423) 697-3791 or email [email protected]

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