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Faye's Story

Before Faye ever pulled up to Partnership’s door, you could hear her music blaring. It’s a wonder the windows in her car never blew out. She keeps the volume on full blast, especially the bass. But as much as Faye loves music, she has never heard a single song. Faye is deaf. She doesn’t listen to music, instead, Faye feels it. Her big bright eyes light up when she starts signing about her music. “Faye laughs when signs that she has to be very careful about what music she plays!”

Faye has a contagious smile and is the sweetheart of our Deaf Services Program. But behind her big smile and bright eyes, is a story of more heartache and abuse than anyone should ever have to endure. “When my mom realized I was deaf, she didn’t want me anymore. One day she left me with my grandmother and never came back.” Faye loved her grandmother and lived happily with her for twelve years. But when Faye’s grandmother died unexpectedly, she was immediately thrown into a world of total chaos.

“I was moved from group home to group home before being placed in a foster home at 15.”Hoping for stability, Faye found only abuse. When the abuse became more than she could bear, Faye escaped for her life and hid out on the streets. But her neighborhood was dangerous, meals were sporadic and a safe place to sleep was never an option. The streets only offered more horror and pain and Faye felt as though she was out of options. She sought refuge in a relationship, but that quickly turned abusive. Thankfully, someone recommended she seek help from Partnership, and Faye heeded their advice.

 Faye entered our Family Violence Center at 21 years old and slowly began to rebuild her life. With the security of warm meals and a safe place to rest her head, Faye was able to focus her energy on healing the emotional wounds that had taken a significant toll on her.  And though self-work is hard, and Faye put in the effort. In addition to working with counselors at the Family Violence Center, she worked with caseworkers through Partnership’s Deaf Services Program as well as counselors at Partnership’s Consumer Credit Counseling Center. Everyone worked together to help Faye create an action plan toward sustainable independence. Slowly but surely, Faye’s dreams of a happy, self-sufficient life came true.

Today, Faye’s working hard at a job she truly enjoys in the food services industry. She has saved enough money to rent an apartment and buy all the things she needs to furnish it. She no longer has to scrounge for her next meal, and when she lays down to go to sleep at night, she rests with ease. “It feels good,” she signed with a look of pride on her face. “I’m so glad I got help. I could never have done it alone. I want everyone to know you never have to stay stuck. There is always a way out and a path to a better life - no matter what you have to overcome. Life can be good again.”

Thanks to our generous community, Faye was able to build a life of hope, happiness, and stability. Her story is a powerful testimony to the impact people like you make on the lives of those who are hurting right here at home. But sadly, there are many others just like Faye. Can they count on your support to see them through their darkest days?

When you give locally to the Partnership, you are investing in your community. You are providing self-sufficiency and lasting stability for people just like Faye. Thank you for continuing to support the Partnership as we work together to build a stronger, smarter and safer community.