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Summer Camp

Camp HOPE is values-based, trauma informed, and a 'Challenge by Choice' program with a focus on building relationships and praising children for observing and developing character traits. We are serving children who have experienced trauma due to violence. Our goal is to ensure they know that they are valuable and have HOPE. Each child is provided opportunities to build supportive relationships and grow in a safe environment. The Challenge by Choice activities encourage them to try new activities with perceived danger or risk (rock climbing, zip-lining, and canoeing) while allowing them to opt out of those activities if the challenge creates unmanageable stress or fear.  We are here for them while mentoring and cheering them on all the way, even if they choose not to participate fully in a certain activity. This allows them to build self-awareness as well as confidence in being able to overcome challenges, choosing to step outside of their comfort zone while setting boundaries for themselves. 

Camp HOPE encourages healthy relationship building with each other and their counselors. Counselors commit to providing long-term mentoring in our monthly Pathways program. Each Camp HOPE counselor is paired with a counselor from our partner camp to be a cheerleader for the campers all week. 

Camp HOPE partners with YMCA Camp Ocoee for a week long summer camp experience. Each camper will be provided all meals and all necessary supplies at no cost. Activities will include Hiking, Zip-Lining, Boating, Canoeing, Fishing, Arts and Crafts and Outdoor Adventures.

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