24/7 Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline: 423.755.2700



Partnership serves as the lead agency for United Way of Greater Chattanooga's Building Stable Lives program. The goal is to decrease the cycle of poverty that has trapped vulnerable families and individuals living in the East Lake, East Chattanooga and Alton Park communities.  
By assisting individuals and families with their immediate needs and then helping link them to appropriate housing, employment, counseling, education and support services, Building Stable Lives participants develop social and economic independence.

Through this project, these communities aim to be a model of the way in which community collaboration and resources can be brought together to affect permanent change in the lives of its citizens in need. For more information, visit United Way of Greater Chattanooga's website, or call the Partnership at (423) 755-2822.

Free community classes are held each month in East Lake, East Chattanooga and Alton Park communities on training for a variety of life skills. Check the calendars often and contact the Building Stable Lives office for more information and to reserve your space.

East Lake - CLASS SCHEDULE; 423-867-9784
East Chattanooga - JAN. SCHEDULE;
 FEB. SCHEDULE 423.698.1526
Alton Park- CLASS SCHEDULE; 423.265.3114